Dam Head Farm (Volume 1)

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Pages: 164

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ISBN: 1539973131

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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Andy was the son of Tom a detective sergeant on the local police force, one day Andy and his mates went to Dam Head Farm to see what the new owner was doing. The farm had been bought by a gangster named Tony Costigan linked to protection, drugs and many other unlawful things, but no one could nail him, one day a priest riding his bike found a young lad floating in the canal his head covered by a plastic bag full of blood. Andy and his mates under cover of the bushes crept closer to see what was going on in the huge shed when Andy’s sister Beth, who had followed them gets caught by the gangster's henchmen Andy then had to come out of hiding to protect her and the two of them were taken into the office to wait for Costigan to deal with them when he arrived. Toby and Josh who were with Andy had to make a rescue attempt before Costigan arrived by climbing through the office roof before they left they took some plants they thought were tomatoes and later gave them to Josh mother who is Jamaican knew they were marijuana. The death of a real estate salesman by being blown up in a telephone box makes Tom very suspicious and the deaths he finds out later are all connected to Costigan in some way and the chase is on to finally get him, not without a lot of work and people involved with Costigan who thinks no one can touch him, the trail leads to the docks and airports across Europe and customs employees payed for by Costigan.

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