Dance of Murder (The World of Murder) (Volume 2)

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Price: $8.50

Pages: 212

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ISBN: 9781530831968

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Strippers have been found with their throats cut and their dead eyes filled with glitter and the killer’s rage is escalating. To make things worse the murder cops, O’Roarke and Garcia have several dozen potential suspects all with a reason to murder these girls. In Book 2 of the World of Murder series, Detectives O’Roarke and Garcia are chasing a serial killer and time is running out. To make things worse they have several dozen potential suspects. Is the killer an ex-boyfriend? An Internet stalker? Or one of the many customers who frequent the strip joints? Now the press has gotten hold of the story dubbing the murderer, ‘The Glitter Slasher’. City Hall is breathing down the necks of the Homicide Squad and insisting that they ‘get this thing solved!’ Before there are more dead bodies. Finally the two murder cops make an arrest. But, do they have the right person in custody?

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