The Crystal Clipper (The Moon Singer) (Volume 1)

crystals, supernatural, Time Travel, fairy tale, and good and evil

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A Message from Barbara Roman

A story with fairy tale like qualities, with the magic of crystals, evil monsters, and a clipper ship that sails through the cosmos to other worlds. A deaf teen "super hero" - who soon learns his disability is his greatest gift. A story of family devotion, of dealing with tragic loss. For teen David Nickerson, his life turns on one great mission: to save a life that means more to him than his own. In doing so, he creates miracles for everyone he loves. But his adventures are just beginning.

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Price: $9.99

Pages: 136

Rank: 8,473,314

ISBN: 1530641713

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Deaf teen David Nickerson’s life is in crisis. His mother has died in a car crash and his sister Sally, now confined to a wheelchair, has mysteriously disappeared.

Desperate to find her, David experiments with sacred crystals and accidentally conjures the supernatural ship, Moon Singer, which transports him through time and space on a magical, fantastic journey.

The people David encounters all have a connection to him, their lives destined to intertwine. Strangely, in this other world, David finds he can hear for the first time in years.

This gift foretells his destiny: to explore the contrast between good and evil - and to save a life that means more to him than his own.

"Roman’s writing is well suited for young readers, but as an adult I found her story truly engaging. Her story is well told, and her keen sense of dialogue and human emotion kept the pages turning." - Sky Rae, Amazon review
"A wonderful story that everyone should read" - Ron Kurz, Amazon review

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