The Miracle Stork (A Baba Treasure Chest story) (Volume 2)

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Price: $9.99

Pages: 44

Rank: 2,747,410

ISBN: 1523806966

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Rada knows little about her Bulgarian heritage because her family doesn't practice their customs. That changes when her grandmother comes to visit. On a trip to the zoo, Rada discovers more than animals. She learns that diversity is not something to be ashamed of. Her grandmother tells her about the traditions of their ancestors and the meaning of the martenitsi that she makes every spring. The Miracle Stork is a story about creating and maintaining traditions and customs to embrace who you are. In the tradition of family togetherness, Baba Treasure Chest stories are geared toward the entire family: Adults reading stories to children, families participating in activities, and children working together on coloring pages.

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