Sing The Blues

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Price: $5.38

Pages: 42

Rank: 11,339,984

ISBN: 1522917519

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: Sing The Blues
A collection of short erotic horror stories in the genres of sci-fi, paranormal and dystopia. Money, selfishness, exhibitionism and revenge all play a role.

The Breeders

A breeding program that occurs on this planet run by an alien species. Could escape be possible for both master and slave?

Target Practice

Serena describes herself as 'a kind of Black Widow', who doesn't steal and kill (directly). She just invites herself into other people's relationships.


A killer remembers how his mother used to smell on her deathbed; fruity with a hint of decay, maybe?

Up The Fundament

A demon exacts her revenge on a misogynist ex by delivering a punishment fit for a king (of sorts).

Whispering Bunnies

The story of a revengeful female ghost committed to searching out the relatives of those who drove her employers to hell. She loves to play games and she usually wins..

For The Alpha

Wolves parade a local 'drinking' hole outside a city. They're looking for prey to take home to the Alpha. But which unsuspecting victims will they choose?

At Death's Door

A prostitute had become a pain in the proverbial, using the hotel's facilities to run her sordid whoring business. Her time just ran out.

Bonus: I Saw All

Whose death is it anyway?

Where you find death, you may find sex also; they are intricately linked for many.

But, are their souls are screaming in pleasure or in pain?

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