The Unfriendly Dragon: The Adventures of Bridazak and Friends (Volume 1)

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Price: $13.88

Pages: 54

Rank: 1,869,660

ISBN: 9781511625920

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Disney Artist- Seth Weinberg + Master Storyteller- Brae Wyckoff = Voted #1 Best Kids Book Ever
Voted #1 Best Kids Book Ever
An unfriendly dragon? Not everything is as it appears. In this amazing adventure, Bridazak and his friends set off on a journey for justice. On their way, they uncover truth and discover the value of friendship.

"A great read-aloud, especially in a group setting. I would highly recommend this book to anyone teaching the importance of how to make new friends and celebrating differences." ---Brittany Walker, Licensed Utah Elementary Educator

*No weapons or fighting in this book

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