The Furlites of Aroriel: On Matissia Wings

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A Message from Marie J.S. Phillips

If you love reading eccentric science fiction tales of aliens and their culture, from their point of view and not the egocentric human pov, then this dive into an alien family's story is perfect for you! Meet Clan Darius and follow their adventures into the stars.

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Price: $4.46

Pages: 720

Rank: 5,537,913

ISBN: 1475083785

Publication Date:

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Description: On the cold distant world Aroriel -- where primate species never developed -- evolution spawned a furry saurian race that now reaches for the stars. Commander Geupetus of Clan Darius, offered command of the first near-lightspeed starship, hesitates to take the job, as Furlitian Law forbids his pre-adolescent twins Murkuria and Thorius from accompanying their Clan on this historic mission into interstellar space.
Clan Darius, after careful deliberation as a family, driven by their sense of responsibility, discipline, and duty, decide they must squelch their emotions and accept the commission - leaving the twins on Aroriel.
But the paradox caused by the Clan's traveling near the speed of light means that IF the twins ever see their family again, they will be older than their parents! Distraught, Thorius conceives an outrageous plan to stow aboard the great starship, and Murkuria agrees after a rare nightmare tells her they must do this. He and Murkuria borrow a family shuttle, and whiz off, determined to reach the Space Center before dawn launch. With the help of Iggie, Murkuria's pet Matissia, they sneak aboard the starship, inadvertently causing the Sunpyne to crash land on an alien world, where dinosaurian life like their own is long extinct, and strange primate beings that call themselves Human populate the planet.
Following a violent first confrontation with two natives, they race to repair the ship. A second meeting, with a family camping out in the wilderness around the ship, results in friendship, and information exchange. However, after their Human friends leave to return to a distant home, the Human military locates the downed starship, just after the crew completes full repairs. Geupetus powers up the ship, but suddenly realizes his twins and one Cadet are not aboard. With enemy warcraft peppering the area with arms fire, and unable to lower shields to recover his children and crewmate, Geupetus refuses to leave without them.  Will the furlites ever see their beloved home again?

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