Saviours of Sephire Trilogy: Book One-The Green Book of Spells

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Price: $15.49

Pages: 284

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ISBN: 1425998151

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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Description: Saviours of Sephire follows the path of a Welshman called Robert and sixof his companions. Having foundthemselves within a storm at sea they seek refuge upon an unknown island andenter a cave only to discover a mysterious device, which pulls them into awondrous planet called Sephire, where the race of humanoids face extinctionfrom evil forces.Guided by a spiritual being, Robert and his friendsestablish that they have been summoned to Sephire to help the humanoids restoretheir freedom.In order for theprophecy to become fulfilled and to learn of a passage that can send them backhome, the Saviours of Sephire experience fear, wonder, love and despair.

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