April Was Here

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A Message from April Obrien

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Price: $18.95

Pages: 372

Rank: 10,558,607

ISBN: 1420871951

Publication Date:

Publisher: AuthorHouse

Description: This captivating, poignant, and moving, autobiography of April O'Brien's life is truly better than fiction. From the first page to the last, this book grabs the heart and the imagination. "April Was Here" reads like a novel, full of action, adventure, heartache, and laughter. It is an insightful and revealing look into the life of a young survivor. April's natural artistic talent shines on every page of this book, including the cover which she painted. "April was here" is a truly touching story of survival, and of how a young girl overcame adversity to succeed. April O'Brien's writing style captivates the reader and brings her characters to life, and even more so when "she" is that character. Heart wrenching in places, but also captivating, and even shocking in others, this book does not leave the reader dry, only wanting more.

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