A Year Unplugged: A Family's Life Without Technology

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A Message from Sharael Kolberg

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Price: $11.53

Pages: 390

Rank: 3,804,637

ISBN: 0988961040

Publication Date:

Publisher: Sharael Kolberg

Description: In A Year Unplugged, Sharael Kolberg chronicles her family’s brave attempt to wean themselves from technology in an effort to reclaim quality family time. The Kolbergs decided to turn off their television, unplug their iPods, iPhones, laptops and digital cameras, and disconnect from e-mail, cell phones and the Internet. Not an easy task. Sharael’s true-life tale explores how dependent we are on technology and the impact it has on interpersonal relationships and society. Through thought-provoking, humorous and heart-wrenching narrative, Sharael hopes to compel readers to open dialogue about the conscious use of technology.

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