Organic Hotels

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Pages: 71

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ISBN: 9780615168982

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Publisher: Matthew abuel

Description: For the most part this second book resembles more of what I had envisioned for Last American Roar which was published in the summer of 2003. At the time, I was still looking for a voice that I could truly call my own which I accomplished later in LAR. My vision for this second book is to rediscover what the older artists already knew. That is, the aim should be outside the writer, governed by that that which is greater than themselves. This is my attempt at a new movement, one which goes back to the core of classical writing, to accomplish on the page what Degas set out to do on the canvas. The aim is to create something that lives on long after I'm gone. All artists are vessels whose purpose is to create art then fade away. That is the vision for Organic Hotels, to reach that peak.

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