Blinders Keepers

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Pages: 184

Rank: 3,561,004

ASIN: B019DEY680

Publication Date:

Publisher: Literary Vagabond Books

Description: In this dystopian satire of political intrigue and social chaos, a young man who escapes his hopelessly hayseed home town in Missouri is accidentally labeled a terrorist and must survive a manhunt by government security agencies in a paranoid and unraveling America. The president out of desperation perpetrates an end-of-the-world hoax, trying re-establish control and get himself re-elected.

Blinders Keepers is social-political satire in the tradition of Jonathan Swift, Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller, but revved up and spit-shined to take on the historical new levels of absurdity and dysfunction of the 21st Century.

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