12 - 12 - 12: Book 2 of John Rachel's End-of-the-World Trilogy

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Publisher: Literary Vagabond Books

Description: "12-12-12" is the story of a great nation falling apart and one young man’s quest for meaning in the midst of chaos. It takes the stuff of reality and pitches it to a high scream. Open your mind but cover your ears. Knowledge is bliss but it’s loud and painful. Yet somehow still funny. "12-12-12" manages to tell it like it is by telling it like it isn't. Granted, this is not what actually happened during 2012. But what unfolds is not more implausible. Nor is it less implausible. It's dark, ironic, witty, at times surrealistic and just plain weird. One reviewer calls it "laugh-out-loud brain food for hungry minds."

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