11 - 11 - 11: Book 1 of John Rachel's End-of-the-World Trilogy

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Pages: 202

Rank: 3,044,519


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Publisher: Literary Vagabond Books

Description: Meet Noah Tass. Follow him as he tries to escape his hayseed hometown in Missouri. This is not a movie. This is someone’s life.

Noah was turning 23 and desperate leave. Pulnick had forever been a blemish on the anemic face of rural Bible-belt America. Always bland and soporific, it was now being invaded by white supremacist meth heads, visited by an unprecedented crime wave, exploited by spiritualists and local politicos, and driven to hysteria by paranoid rumors that the world would end on November 11th. Moreover, Noah's personal life was becoming more convoluted by the day. Everything seemed to conspire against his singular need to get out of this dreary, dead-end, death-wish armpit of a town.

“11-11-11” is what you call a feel good novel.

You’ll feel good about your own life when you get a load of the losers who populate this living graveyard!

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