Hormones and Crumble

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Pages: 431

Rank: 1,031,838


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Publisher: Martyn Chapman

Description: Benjamin Rose's demise began on the day his son's tortoise committed suicide.

Ten days later he apprehensively walks into a city centre hotel, his emotions teased by the cool evening breeze on the back of his thighs and the surreal sensation of a pleated miniskirt nuzzling into the top of his stockings. Approaching the gleaming doors of the hotel elevator, he hesitates, his hand fidgeting nervously with his blonde wig, frantically summoning the courage to manoeuvre his debilitating red stilettos inside.

As the lift begins to ascend, Benjamin closes his eyes and thinks of his failing marriage, his desperation to eliminate the threats of his blackmailer, and the sinister client who is waiting for him in Room 213 . . .

Humorous, yet poignant, Hormones and Crumble unravels the humiliating downfall of a disillusioned civil servant. A young man who is forced to confront his dark family secrets, as he is drawn into the beguiling lives of his unemployed clients.

Updated Version – December 2016: Hormones and Crumble is a four hundred page, dark tragicomedy that subtly disentangles a contentious and disturbing story. Some readers may deem that an erotica genre is more appropriate because of the explicit and sexual content that covers the latter part of the book. With this in mind, perhaps the novel currently sits in a unique and uncomfortable spot on the Amazon bookshelf, but authors are teased by trying to establish the boundaries for erotic fiction and the type of material some individuals may find offensive. I greatly appreciate all comments and the input of the reader is always extremely helpful and valuable. Thank you, Martyn.

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