An Unlikely Truth

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Pages: 200

Rank: 1,489,609


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Publisher: Literary Vagabond

Description: Democracy at both the local and national levels recently had been under savage assault. Martin Truth’s fight was but one of many such struggles to restore the meaning of representative government to a system that had been corrupted by big money and corporate power.

In this political drama, a bright, young, idealistic, Green Party candidate, in his bid for the congressional seat of a very conservative district in Ohio, teams with a beautiful, fiery African-American intern to combat the slick deceptions and ruthless tactics of a sweet-talking right wing incumbent. This is the inspiring story of a small committed group of activists who either never knew or forgot the meaning of the word 'impossible'.

More importantly, it embodies hope that not all is lost, that there is a “narrative” which can begin to put America back on track, render government again of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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