The Bad Puppeteer

children, toddler, poem, rhyme, and humour

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A Message from Jerry Bader

The Bad Puppeteer teaches children that actions have consequences. It is a tale of over indulgence and fake promise wrapped in a humorous colorful wrapper: two lessons that help prepare youngsters for the complex world they live in. Too much of even a good thing can do harm. It also teaches children to be aware of con artists, whose sales pitches might not be what they seem. Amazon:



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ISBN: 1988647010

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Publisher: Mrpwebmedia


The Bad Puppeteer is a funny little story about the perils of excess and on a deeper level it cautions against falling for the slick patter of a glib salesman. Go back to the old West when snake oil salesmen roamed the West selling the patent medicine potions while spinning fantastic tales in order to con people out of their hard earned cash. It's a story that can be absorbed on the most fundamental level but can also resonate as a child matures.

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