The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace

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Price: $14.95

Pages: 258

Rank: 3,297,906

ISBN: 0986301590

Publication Date:

Publisher: Ann Duran Productions LLC

Description: The ground-breaking novel on the near-death experience that unveils the roots to a global spirituality. 

Religion’s common denominator . . . The Light

God does not have a religion. God does not speak a language. God does not have a culture. It is we who require these things.

Why has humankind always sought the Light? What do pharaohs and prophets and festivals around the world tell us about the meaning of the Light? A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a near-death experience. This gives rise to a quest for truth. Dissatisfied with answers at home, she takes her search abroad and enters a world of knowledge through the people she encounters. Propelled by what she discovers, her journey continues to the foundation of religious unity.

The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace moves beyond those elements first popularized by Ray Moody M.D., to the premise that the Light of the near-death experience is actually the bedrock of religion. This modern-day story melds the varieties of religious experience into a visual whole. The essence of God becomes globally and tangibly defined. A guide for today and beyond, this book chronicles the possibility of a renaissance in religion and transforms our understanding through its inviting message. Gods and the names for God have changed in every era, yet one dynamic remains constant—the Light.

Learn how the near-death experience is the springboard for a universal connection. This journey uncovers our prevailing spiritual unity despite our world’s seemingly different beliefs. Ultimately, The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace shows the powerful spiritual bond we have with one another.

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